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Uniti Client Management System,  www.unitiCMS.com

University College LondonBellside has been working with UCL Student Psychological Services to create a fully integrated client management and appointment application.  It has been designed specifically to address the growing number of students who require help during their study at UCL.  Before, the paper inefficiencies and the sheer volume of individuals seeking help reduced the level of support which could be offered by the Student Services Department.  The introduction of this application has resulted in a two fold increase in students registering whilst enabeling the department to provide the levels of support required by their clients.  This increased volume is tracked and each student registered with the system is engaged in on-going therapy. [demo access]

The application automates:



Orka, Integrated Information Portal,

WAmicalorking alongside Amical to produce a single location web platform to promote the exchange of client matter expertise within the field of judicial reform.  This application offers to the clients a specialised network of secure information exchange, white papers and discussion forums to propogate and engage in the consolidation of best practices within each filed of which it operates.



Process flow and Document management.

Caparo Testing TechnologiesTasked with automating the entire testing environment at Caparo Testing Technologies.  Currently Caparo uses numerous legacy XL spreadsheets with paper tracking to follow and push customer orders through their testing sites.  Their final product is a Laboratory Report or a Test Certificate which is a requirement for companies who produce components for the Oil, Gas and Nuclear industries.

Bellside Solutions has analysed and come up with an automated solution which guarantees test result integrity.  Produces, automatically, a Test Certificate or Laboratory Report which the customer can pick up from their online account.



Monthly KPIs and Process Leadtime/Cycletime analysis [view demo]

Clyde Union Pumps (SPX)To control and manage any process it is necessary to measure it.  These measurements allow management to interpret and then make corrective positive actions happen within the business to solve re-occurring issues, reduce cycletime and increase efficiencies. 

Bellside has been actively developing such tools, breaking down the business processes, from orders through to invoice, measuring these areas for key metrics associated with each stage.  Using this information and the current WIP of each areas allows a realtime, online trending environment to be created. 

This gives instant access to all KPIs of each of the areas, allowing management to make decisions on where to engage more with the processes, with an aim to improve all KPIs where possible.  Successfully used by Clyde Union Pumps in their Cathcart head quarters and also their subsidiary in Annecy, France.